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How to have the best summer of your life

How to have the best summer of your life

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Key Idea 🔑

Key Idea 🔑

The key idea of the video is to make the most of your summer by being present, creating new memories, prioritizing self-care, and avoiding screen addiction.


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🌅 Wake Up Earlier

🌅 Wake Up Earlier

Don't let the sun catch you sleeping.

The summertime is the best time of the year to wake up 1 hour earlier than you usually do. (That also involves going to bed an hour earlier).

The summertime mornings have a magical aura around them. The world is waking up, and if you wake up with it, you'll feel all the energy it can give you.


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🚶Go Outside As Much As You Can

🚶Go Outside As Much As You Can

Being a person in the world doing nothing will feel infinitely better than being a recluse doing nothing.

Just being outside 4 walls, around other people will make a significant change.

Personal challenge: Go talk to a stranger today. You'll be amazed by how receptive and friendly people really are.


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🏠 Optimize Your Environment

🏠 Optimize Your Environment

Design your environment in a way that won't keep you stuck inside and not want to leave.

Design your environment in a way that refreshes and recharges you to go back out into the world and continue the momentum.

Don't make your house too comfortable.


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⌛ Be Present

⌛ Be Present

Don't try to recreate the golden years, be present instead.

You probably have memories of days gone by. Summers you spent with your friends on the beach when you were younger...

Don't compare your present moment with that. One thing that you can do to ensure that you create new valuable memories is to just focus on the present moment and be intentional about the activities you do.


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⚙ Be Mechanistic

⚙ Be Mechanistic

Make adventure a mechanism. Do things that are good for you automatically, without relying on motivation and mood.

You already know what's good for you. Usually, these things are uncomfortable, but you have to do them anyway as a mechanism.


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👌 Be OK

👌 Be OK

Don't succumb to FOMO. Nobody is nearly having a good time as you think they are.

Do not think that everybody who posts their amazing vacation on Instagram has it all figured out and you don't. 99% of people don't have it figured out.


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Liked these ideas?

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Hi! 🔭 Nice to meet you all. My name is Giovanni, I'm 15 years old and live in Italy. I am a big dreamer and I wish to change the world. My mission is to help as many people as possible embark on the journey of leveling 🆙 in life.


🏖 Make the most of your summer by being present, creating new memories, prioritizing self-care, and avoiding screen addiction.

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