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What motivates you? Add positive peer influence to your motivation engine

What motivates you? Add positive peer influence to your motivation engine

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People can be motivated by monetary rewards, mentorship/mentors, potential consequences, ambition, motivational quotes and speeches, or feelings.

Albeit, one of the most significant sources of motivation an adult can have, is arguably Peer Influence.


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The Controversial Nature of Peer Pressure

The Controversial Nature of Peer Pressure

Peer pressure and peer influence carry a default negative connotation because of their linkages with drug and substance abuse and other vices among teenagers and adolescents.

Peer pressure could be Negative but it can also be positive. The form of its effect lies in the kind of friends you keep and the foundations of the friendship.


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The Positive Side of Peer Influence.

  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • teamwork.
  • Ministry.
  • Peer Influence within the Church.
  • Personal productivity.


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Peer Pressure and Emotional Intelligence.

According to Daniel Goleman’s Mixed Model of EI, ‘Motivation’ is one of the key aspects of Emotional Intelligence. 

If a core aspect of leadership is the ability to motivate and inspire others toward set goals, then complete leaders ought to be strong in this area.

Peer pressure, an agent of motivation, can be useful in motivating oneself in the practice of Self-leadership and motivating others during leadership.


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Peer influence in teamwork.

Peer influence in teamwork.

Positive peer influence paves the way for teamwork.

Galvanizing a team toward the prompt accomplishment of a target will require a significant amount of undertaken teamwork.

A peer system properly adopted could reinforce a clockwork synchronized work behavior for consistent results and faster turnouts.


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Positive Peer influence and ministry.

Positive Peer influence and ministry.

If two different persons are both believers and disciples, then, by definition, they are peers because they share similar interests and belong to the family of God.

The Great Commission instructs us to bring more people into this family. In other words, he says to the disciples, “Replicate after your kind” and leaves us information on how to do it.


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Positive Peer Influence and Personal Productivity.

Positive Peer Influence and Personal Productivity.

Self-motivation is that side of self-management that involves you taking the initiative to start tasks, make forward progress, and eventually finish work.

Belonging to a community with shared interests and goals could influence us to achieve goals set across our physical, mental, spiritual, and social life.


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An interesting fact about Peer Pressure

Resistance to Peer Pressure Rises Between 14 and 18 – But Flatlines from 18 to 30.

Source: FireWallTimes

This means that Peer pressure has a great influence that could be leveraged by young adults for good.


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Self Leadership and Development Enthusiast. Passionately learning and documenting how a life in Christ radically transforms even The Simple into leadership material.


Peer pressure can motivate self-leadership and leadership in motivating others.

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