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3 Tips to Maximize Your Day

3 Tips to Maximize Your Day

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Don’t focus how far there is for you to go, if you won’t put attention on how far you’ve gotten

“Focus on the possibilities for success, not on the potential for failure” - Napoleon Hill


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the act or state of applying the mind to something

If the task you want to achieve requires conscious effort then multi-tasking is pointless.

  • Multi-tasking is possible but futile due to not being able to work at the rate if you were to put effort
  • Place Attention on what you need to achieve
  • Attention: New form of currency in the world, everything gnaws at your attention, red arrows in a thumbnail, eye opening colors to seduce you to keep scrolling etc..

It’s difficult to get from one to another. Our mind will always have some “residue” a part of us will recall from the previous thing we were doing


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the main or central point of something

Focus is an enhanced version of attention, think of it as a monitor, your attention is on the monitor but your focus is in what the screen is showing

  • Flow state is basically impossible if you’re switching from many different areas of topic, when you focus on one thing only and the challenge level and your personal skill level is high, flow will activate. 
  • Set goals, a reason why you’re focusing,
  • For example you can be walking while listening to a podcast, but when someone initiates a conversation, you won’t be able to do all 3


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rate at which something moves or happens

The reason why you did work in school was because you were pushed, you had a deadline and consequences if not done.

  • You are your own general the one that has to put yourself in your position.
  • Think of it as the sims, you want to maximize the most you can out of your day otherwise are you gonna let your sims slack off, what’s the point
  • Use school as a thought with the clock and how you’re enforced


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Pronouns: King/Lord


For someone with ADHD, I have insane amount of trouble to concentrate, this is my secret.

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