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33 Tips To Start Your Day - Dragos Roua

33 Tips To Start Your Day - Dragos Roua


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33 Tips To Start Your Day - Dragos Roua

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Mornings are mostly spent on auto pilot mode, leading to each day being a routine affair. Mornings can be lived intentionally, and are fundamental in changing our days, years and entire lives.

A few tips to start your day intentionally and creatively, infusing life and divinity into your mornings.


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Activities To Do

  • Writing a Journal: Writing acts like a mind emptier and one feels energized and ready to go.
  • Read your Yesterday Journal: It gives a fresh and clear perspective to what you did the previous day.
  • Set a Goal: Set a goal for yourself and try to follow it during the day.
  • Opening Windows: Let the fresh air inside, letting yourself be refreshed and receptive.


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  • Exercise: Get yourself moving in the morning and bless your body with endorphins for the whole day. Going for a short walk also sets up the stage for the day, making you aware and energetic.
  • A Short Yoga session: Do some Surya Namaskars or Sun Salutation, and give yourself calm and balance, in just five minutes.
  • Spend time in the Garden: If possible, go to the garden or terrace and breathe in the fresh air, clearing your mind and your senses.


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  • Take a Selfie: Taking a morning selfie every day tells you a lot of untold things about you, that cannot be captured in journals.
  • Clean your Desk: before breakfast, just clean your home workstation. Once you start your work, it will feel great.
  • Throw away a useless object: Let go of something you don’t need, reducing clutter and increasing clarity in your life. Even deleting files, emails and cleaning your phone or PC of all the junk helps you become orderly.


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  • Enjoying the Morning Silence: Just doing nothing, and listening to the birds chirping outside, waking up to the lovely, promising silence.
  • Watch the Sunrise: Just get up and watch the magnificent sunrise, taking part in the cosmic process orchestrated by some higher power
  • Meditate: Try focusing on your breath for five minutes in the morning for clarity and relaxation.


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  • Gratitude: Just for a few minutes, be grateful for something, like your health, your wealth, your family, or even for being alive. This will charge you up for the whole day.
  • Visualize The Past: Try to visualize three moments from the previous day, the highlights and experience the good(or bad) sensations they bring you. This helps bring in Flow. 
  • Visualize The Future: You can also visualize three moments for today, and how you want something to happen, making you unconsciously taking the help of the universe to manifest them.


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  • Your Morning Phrase: Make a morning phrase, the first thing you say to yourself in the morning, a kind of mental programming exercise for yourself.
  • Choose A Theme: Visualize your day in terms of a theme, making it a productive day, or a reflective one or any kind of day you want it to be.


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  • Think of Someone You Love: thinking of your loved one will increase synchronicity and mutual attraction, enlivening your relationship.
  • Make Coffee for your Partner: Preparing coffee for your loved one in the morning is a beautiful and almost sacramental ritual.


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  • Helping Somebody: Any small activity that can help someone, like doing a small chore, or assisting someone will spark your mornings with divine energy.

  • Forgive Somebody: Forgiving someone unblocks the mental energy inside you which was clogged due to negative feelings earlier. Even forgiving yourself heals you.

  • Write a Thank You Letter: Just like Gratitude, a thank you letter to anyone you want to thank is providing instructions to the universe on how to make your life even more blessed.


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  • Take a day off: Whether self-employed or otherwise, take a day off and start it cleanly, being free of work intentionally. This occasional, sudden decision balances us and makes us work better.
  • Sing A Song: Singing a song or even reading a poem provides you with unexpected energy and connects with your irrational, creative mind.
  • Cancel A Task from the To-do List: It frees you up and gives you a sense of freedom, flexibility and opens you up for the unexpected.


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Imagine Yourself Somewhere Else: Spend a few minutes imagining the smells, air and noises of a different place where you have been in the past, and you will feel as rejuvenated as if you are back from a vacation.


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Crafting: Small things like modifying your clothes, repairing or decorating something first thing in the morning makes you creative and ‘crafty’ for the entire day. It also helps solve problems which were earlier stuck.


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