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Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias refers to our tendency to interpret new information in a way that supports our existing theories and beliefs, rather than objectively considering all the facts.

  • We often filter out or ignore any information that contradicts our current views, leading to a strong and often disproportionate support for our preconceived ideas.
  • Indications to the contrary are quickly dismissed as exceptions or special cases.
  • Our bias is often influenced by our emotions and past experiences.


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How To Deal With Confirmation Bias?

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored!

⚡To overcome confirmation bias, write down your beliefs and consciously seek disconfirming evidence.

  • Set aside preconceived notions
  • Be open-minded to opposing viewpoints
  • Challenge your own beliefs

Next time, before jumping to a conclusion, make sure you have thoroughly examined all evidence.


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Availability Bias

Our minds tend to focus on examples that are easily remembered.


When we see news of car accidents, we become anxious when driving on the highway ourselves. "May be I'll end up in an accident too". However, the likehood of dying from lifestyle diseases like Diabetes or Hypertension is much higher. Since that is not often highlighted in the news, they are often overlooked.

  • Our minds prioritize information that is most easily accessible or most recently encountered.


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Illusion of Attention: The Gorilla in the Room

We are confident that we notice everything in front of us. But in reality, we often only see what we are focusing on.

Simply put, whenever we are paying attention to something, whether it is painting, reading, driving, or observing a person of interest, we tend to not notice certain events around us, no matter how notable they may be.


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Avoiding Attention Bias

Avoiding Attention Bias

Whatever we fail to notice remains unheeded. We may overlook important details, leading to potential biases in our decision-making.

The Danger of Illusion: Focusing on only certain aspects can lead to us missing out on key information that may have a negative impact in the future.

Be Mindful:

  • Pay attention to your biases and try not to prioritize certain information over others.
  • Take a step back and reassess your decisions to ensure all important factors are considered.


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Know how our subconscious mind controls our action with illusions

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