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by Rolf Dobelli

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Survivorship Bias

Success is more visible than failure, so people are systematically overestimating chances of succeeding.

News about startups getting funded makes people forget how high the rate of startup failure actually is.


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Swimmer’s Body Illusion

Professional swimmers have perfect bodies not because of their training. Instead, they become good swimmers because of their physique.

Similarly, students from best universities are relatively more successful not just because of the quality of its education, but rather because of their highly selective admission.

People mistake what determines the selection with the result.


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Sunk Cost Fallacy

When we have invested some time, effort, or money, while the result is not as expected, we have tendency to carry on, because of that initial investment.

This is irrational because the expense has happened and we can’t change the past.

Decision about the future must be guided by expected cost and benefit from that point forward.


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Overconfidence Effect

We systematically overestimate our knowledge and our ability to predict something. Experts are no different.

84% men in France think that they are above average lover.

93% of students in US think they are above average driver.


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Paradox of Choice

People are bombarded with more options than ever. There is a limit and when it is crossed, more choices will destroy the quality of life.

We make no choice because of inner paralysis.

We make poor decision because we focus only on few criteria to filter lots of options. Sometimes it’s a wrong filter.

We feel discontent because we are not sure we have made the best choice.

Think carefully about what you want before inspecting options. Aim for good enough, not perfection.


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