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AI Affects

AI Affects

  • AI is complex and challenging to integrate, but it will transform everything in the long run.
  • AI encompasses several different technologies that are used for different purposes.
  • Big companies and start-ups are leading the way in AI. They are using it for "process automation," "cognitive insight," and "cognitive engagement."
  • Organizations need to develop "cognitive strategies."
  • AI will change the workplace, eliminating some jobs and transforming others.
  • Applying AI carries technical, social, and ethical challenges. Firms should be open about how they use AI.


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AI  used for

AI used for

The technologies that fall under the rubric of AI include:

  • "Statistical machine learning" - Many firms use machine learning to enhance their operations.
  • "Neural networks" - This more complex version of machine learning is useful for categorizing activities.
  • "Natural language processing" (NLP) - This is used to analyze text, translate, and recognize spoken language.
  • "Semantic NLP" - This form of AI involves graphing a language's rules and relationships.
  • "Robotics" - This technology includes both physical robots and "robotic process automation" (RPA).


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Organizations tend to use AI in three general areas:

Organizations tend to use AI in three general areas:

  • Process automation” – This common application uses robots or RPA for repetitive tasks, transferring data between systems, updating or reconciling systems, and so on.

Cognitive insight” – This involves using AI to generate apps that employ algorithms to find data patterns and help users interpret data.

Cognitive engagement” – Businesses provide AI for customers and workers, as in around-the-clock customer service; recommendations; answering employee


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Benefits of Cognitive Strategies for AI Development

Benefits of Cognitive Strategies for AI Development

Organizations need to create cognitive strategies for AI development.


  • Data analysis is a key aspect of AI.
  • Usage strategies should align with the organization's handled content.
  • Set goals for internal and external usage
  • Some strategies can evolve into AI-driven business models and drive future development.


  • Develop strategies that cater to your specific organization and AI system.
  • Ensure alignment with the type of data being handled.
  • Take into consideration both internal and external goals.
  • Continuously evaluate and improve strategies as AI technology evolves.


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The Benefits of AI Strategy ✨

The Benefits of AI Strategy ✨

  • AI strategy leads to improved data analysis and utilization of AI technology.
  • It enables organizations to make efficient decisions and improve their decision-making capabilities.
  • AI strategy provides the potential to develop innovative and AI-driven business models.
  • It encourages adaptation and growth in a constantly evolving technology landscape.


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“Cognitive technology is primarily about analyzing and extracting insights from content – data, information or knowledge.”



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The Five Stages of AI and Workers

Organizations can see workers go through five stages as AI is implemented:

  1. 🔍 "Stepping in" - Monitoring & modifying AI apps
  2. 🏃‍♂️ "Stepping up" - Using AI for simple tasks & creating strategic visions
  3. 🤝 "Stepping aside" - Focusing on skills that humans excel at, like collaboration
  4. 🧐 "Stepping narrowly" - Specialized jobs that won't be automated
  5. 🚀 "Stepping forward" - Designing & building new AI

Get ready for the future of work and the role of AI in the workforce!


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