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Why Tongues: 9 Edifying Benefits of Speaking in Tongues.

Why Tongues: 9 Edifying Benefits of Speaking in Tongues.

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The tongue gift can stir you up and supercharge your relationship with God. As we explore its purpose, importance, and benefits, I hope you'll find reasons to desire and function in this gift. 


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The Purpose of Speaking in Tongues.

The Purpose of Speaking in Tongues.

According to Paul in 1 Corinthians 12, the purposes are:

- Service before God

- Service to mankind 

- Personal Benefits for the Believer


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Praying in Tongues vs Speaking in Tongues

While often used interchangeably, these represent different expressions of the tongue gift. Praying in tongues is making an earnest request to God in the language of the Spirit. Speaking in tongues is spiritually narrating, declaring, or exercising authority in a spiritual language.


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9 Spiritual Benefits of Speaking in Tongues.

#1: A More Effective Prayer Life.

#2: Enjoyable and Easier prayer.

#3: Matured spiritual organs. 

#4: Enter new spiritual dimensions in Christ.

#5. Realignment to God's will.

#6: Accurate Discernment and Divine Knowledge.

#7. Build supernatural strength.

#8: Build Staying power.

#9: Consistent prayer life.


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Benefits of speaking in Tongues.

Benefits of speaking in Tongues.

#1: More Effective Prayer Life.

When we pray in tongues, we pray God's will, fulfilling our most pressing needs.

#2: Enjoyable and Easier Prayer.

Praying in tongues is easy, satisfying, enjoyable, and stirs us up spiritually.

#3: Matured Spiritual Organs.

Our spiritual faculties for expression mature as we exercise the tongue gift.

#4: Enter New Spiritual Dimensions. 

With maturing spiritual organs comes the ability to experience more of the supernatural.


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Benefits of The Tongue Gift.....cont'd

Benefits of The Tongue Gift.....cont'd

#5: Realignment to God's Will.

Praying in tongues shifts our focus from our desires to God's will.

#6: Accurate Discernment and Divine Knowledge.

The tongue gift births prophetic visions and revelational knowledge.

#7: Build Supernatural Strength.

Praying in tongues makes tremendous power available to accomplish God's will.  

#8: Build Staying Power.

It helps you remain in God's love while waiting on Him.

#9: Consistent Prayer Life.

The tongue gift enables you to initiate and maintain a perpetual atmosphere of prayer within you. "Pray without ceasing" (1 Thess 5:17).


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The tongue gift builds you up spiritually & realigns you to God's will. Discover 9 edifying benefits that'll supercharge your spiritual life.

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