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by Stephen Guise

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Tips for Achieving Life Changes

Tips for Achieving Life Changes

Making life changes can be tough even if you're determined and sincere.

Don't overestimate your self-discipline. Here are some tips to help:

  • Start small with mini habits
  • Be consistent and commit to a small change every day
  • Track your progress to stay motivated

Remember that intention without action is pointless. Start today!


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Small Steps Lead to Big Results

Small Steps Lead to Big Results

Why take a small step daily?

  • Develops lifelong habit
  • Requires little willpower
  • Leads you in the right direction

What are the benefits of taking small steps?

  • Creates big results
  • Easy to achieve
  • Builds motivation

🔍Turn your goals into reality, one small step at a time!🚀


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The Power of Mini Habits 😎

The Power of Mini Habits 😎

Habits Matter! 🧐 According to Duke University, they make up 45% of our behavior. By simply repeating a behavior, we strengthen the pathway associated with it.


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“Starting small and removing the pressure of expectations is the recipe were using for success and it works well, so we want to keep it as long as possible.”



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How long does it take to form a habit? 🤔

How long does it take to form a habit? 🤔

Did you know: forming a habit takes an average of 66 days, not 21-30 days as commonly believed. This varies from person to person (18-254 days). When it becomes natural and easy, you've formed the habit!

  • Habit takes average 66 days, not 21-30
  • for you, it may take 18-254 days
  • when easy and natural, habit formed


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Willpower Management

Willpower Management

Human beings have a limited supply of willpower. According to studies, our willpower or self-control can become weaker due to several factors. These include effort, perceived difficulty, negative emotions, fatigue, and blood glucose levels.

Primary causes of ego depletion:

  1. Effort
  2. Perceived difficulty
  3. Negative affect
  4. Subjective fatigue
  5. Blood glucose levels


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An Eight-Step Plan

An Eight-Step Plan

The eight steps in the mini-habit program are:

  • Choose your mini habits and habit plan - Write a list of positive habits you'd like to have
  • Use the why drill on each mini habit - Ask yourself why you want to instill a mini habit into your life, and delve deeply into the answer by asking the question more than once
  • Define your habit cues - Habits are either "time-based" or "activity-based". Identify which cue works for each new mini habit.
  • Create your reward plan - Many habits don't offer immediate rewards. Sculpting your abs, for example, takes time.


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An Eight-Step Plan (Continued)

An Eight-Step Plan (Continued)

  • Write Everything Down - Writing something down grants it importance. Visually track your mini habit success to reinforce your sense of accomplishment.
  • Think Small - The advantage of mini habits is that repetition strengthens your willpower.
  • Meet Your Schedule and Drop High Expectations - While having a positive belief in your capabilities is good, setting your expectations too high can hold you back.
  • Watch for Signs of Habits, but be Careful not to Jump the Gun - Several signs will tell you that you've developed a positive habit.


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Eight Mini-Habit Rules

Eight Mini-Habit Rules

  • “Never, ever cheat” – Don’t deceive yourself when setting mini goals.
  • “Be happy with all progress” – Celebrate your wins, no matter how small.
  • “Reward yourself often, especially after a mini habit”
  • Stay level-headed – Once a habit becomes routine, it may lose excitement.
  • “If you feel strong resistance, back off and go smaller”
  • “Remind yourself how easy this is”
  • “Never think a step is too small” – Mini habits may seem ridiculous, but they're effective.
  • “Put extra energy and ambition toward bonus reps, not a bigger requirement”


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