Our Fossil Fuel Addiction is at an All-Time High - Deepstash
Our Fossil Fuel Addiction is at an All-Time High

Our Fossil Fuel Addiction is at an All-Time High

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Increasing Global Warming Threats

Increasing Global Warming Threats

From January to March 2024, the global surface temperature reached its highest point in the 175-year record.

In the face of escalating global warming and greenhouse gas emissions, it's essential to halt their entry into the atmosphere. Because our atmosphere is already holding onto more heat-trapping gases than it has in millions of yearsAnd, our craving for fossil fuels has never been higher.

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The Main Problem - CO₂

The Main Problem - CO₂

Carbon dioxide, resulting from the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and other industrial processes, is responsible for 53% of the warming effect. It can remain in the atmosphere for hundreds to thousands of years.


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Countries with the Highest Emissions

Countries with the Highest Emissions

🌎 Six Nations Responsible for Half of Global GHG Emissions

  • China, the US, India, EU27, Russia, and Brazil
  • Together, they have a population of 50%, contribute 60% of global GDP, consume 2/3 of fossil fuels, and emit 60% of GHGs

⬆️ China, US, and India Increased Emissions in 2022

  • India had the most significant relative increase at 5%

⬇️ EU27, Russia, and Brazil Decreased Emissions in 2022

  • Russia had the most substantial decrease at -2.4%


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These Companies Drive the Majority of Global CO₂ Emissions

These Companies Drive the Majority of Global CO₂ Emissions

Only 57 major companies in oil, gas, coal, and cement contribute to 80% of global fossil CO₂ emissions since the 2016 Paris climate agreement.

  • 65% of state-owned and 55% of private companies raised production in the seven years after the agreement.
  • ExxonMobil tops the list among private contributors, emitting 3.6 gigatonnes of CO₂, about 1.4% of the global total.
  • Other major private contributors include Shell, BP, Chevron, and TotalEnergies, each accounting for at least 1% of global emissions.
  • State-owned companies, especially in the Asian coal sector, have seen a significant rise in emissions.


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Capturing CO₂ & Storing it - Just the Solution We’re Looking for

Capturing CO₂ & Storing it - Just the Solution We’re Looking for

What is Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)?

  • A promising solution to CO₂ emissions
  • Works by capturing CO₂ from factories and power plants
  • Moves them safely and stores them underground
  • Prevents CO₂ from mixing with the atmosphere


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How Does CCS Work?

How Does CCS Work?

🔍 Capture: CO2 is captured from the emissions of power plants and other industrial facilities before it can be released into the atmosphere. There are various technologies for this, such as post-combustion, pre-combustion, and direct air capture.

🚢 Transport: The captured CO2 is then transported via ship or pipeline to another location.

🗄️ Storage: The CO2 is stored deep underground in geological formations, preventing it from entering the atmosphere. This is known as carbon sequestration.


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So is global warming, breaking a 175-year record

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