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by Grant Cardone

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As long as you are alive, you will either live to accomplish your own goals and dreams, or be used as a resource to accomplish someone else's.



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Embracing Long Term Thinking And Not Being Average

Embracing Long Term Thinking And Not Being Average

Do you know the problem with being average? Any single instance of things going awry can push you even below being average.

According to Grant Cardone, being average has always been sold to us as the safe bet.

Save a bit of money, live in small houses, drive small cars, save wherever you can and live average. But the problem is that you can easily be doubling your revenue, salary, health, lifestyle and whatever interests you the most.

The key is long-term thinking rather than just focusing and stopping on being average.


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Focus On Big Goals

Focus On Big Goals

Grant Cardone knows how to stop being average and he is here to teach us all his methodlogy.

He suggests using the "10X" rule to increase yourchances of being successful.

For example, once you have set yourself a goal, don't just double the efforts to achieve it, instead, put 10X efforts in achieving the goal. When you shoot for the moon, chances are, you land among the stars.

So always shoot for the moon. If you know your business can survive with 10 clients, reach out to 100 clients and you'll end up with significantly higher number.

Same goes with everything you do in the 10X way.


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Normal Action Is Average, Massive Action Is Extraordinary

Normal Action Is Average, Massive Action Is Extraordinary

Grant Cardone teaches us about three types of actions we undergo in our daily lives.

1- No action: You are not inolving yourself in any action. Anything that needs to be done just doesn't.

2- Retreat: You are not acting on something because you have had a bad experience and now you don't want to put in any action.

3- Normal: You do as you are told and you mostly go by your day following to-do's and checklists.

According to Grant Cardone, the Normal action is the most dangerous type of action. It pushes you the farthest towards mediocrity and you end up being average.


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So What's The Solution?

So What's The Solution?

According to Grant Cardone, Massive Action is the answer.

If you have had any experience where you did a ton of work in a short period of time or when you're passionate about a project or even when you did it due to some deadline, you had put massive action into that work.

Massive action should be your default mode and that is how you are going to achieve extraordinary results.

When yoh start putting more work, you reap more benefits of course but you'll also start experiencing more confidence, success and wealth.


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And lastly, putting more efforts doesn't necessarilly mean you should burn yourself out. You don't need to be a billionaire to be happy. You just need to actively work towards your betterment and improve your financial, physical and mental health. Take care of yourself, work hard and live your life to the fullest.



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Full time reader (and part-time Growth Consultant) trying to make the sense of the world by learning from the experiences of intellectuals around me and before me.


10X rule breaks down the strategies on achieving remarkable success by aiming high and reinforcing our ideas with the right tools.

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