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Problems are different type of juices where the key ingredient is the lessons which upon filtering won't lead you to digest the same juice again.



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History Repeats, but Lessons Don't!

The key takeaway of the quote above is this : when you are confronting a problem they're not just problems but lively lessons of life in disguise. And once you find the true form (lesson) you have the power to throw the external disguise away and forge a sheild to the same kind of problem. "If you extract the main ingredient away you can't drink the same juice (problem) again"


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Problems Repeat, Lessons Don

Well, relax. If you think you've learnt the lesson from a problem and still the same problem repeats itself, then your perception as 'The lesson' should be transformed into 'A lesson' . will you eat plain rice with interest? Nope. Likewise exist problems of life. You know how problems are! Are they boring like plain rice? Damn not they are a blend of splendid tasted which one can experience the true form of the utter disguise


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Don't Feel By Heart, Squeeze Your Brain

Don't Feel By Heart, Squeeze Your Brain

Use this as a framework on how to aspire optimal key ingredients from the juice you're given.

  • Recall the whole issue from the beginning and hit the initial point and learn the cause Even if there is no fault of yours relate yourself with it so that you can extract the key ingredient
  • Think of 'If I did and did'nt do this I could've avoided this whole ruckus'. and implement it over the next course
  • Shift perspectives and imagine yourself as the person you're going to be giving advice upon. Provide and listen from your own perspective.


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It Can Be One, It Can Be One O One.

Yes, the lessons can be countless aswell. The number puts entire dependency upon your brain to assess as many as possible. If you don't agree with me, well wait until you witness off applying the principles or read this

Your partner promised you that they'll never leave you; but did. Here are the lessons

  1. Not all promises are real cuz you trust them
  2. You can't absolutely know if they're trustworthy just bcuz you trust them
  3. Never believe in promise of this kind, may it be a surprise at the end of your life ifbthey never left or feel happy that you were right if they left.
  4. Change in person is constant!


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"You can't solve a problem with the mindset you had while you created them "



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