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Good Reasons to Study Logic

Good Reasons to Study Logic


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Studying Logic

Logic is a science of correct reasoning while making inferences.

Even if one is not into philosophy, studying logic is a good way to learn argument analysis and understand the world around us in a clear, linear way.

Symbolic logic is akin to learning a new language, which we can use to analyse the logic of statements or validate arguments.

It can even be used to construct proofs for complex arguments, where it is not easy to validate right away.

If we train ourselves to construct complex arguments and are able to spot the weak ones, we can move towards what is authentic and avoid the traps.

Being able to study internal reasoning is a useful skill in any field.

Though many people get persuaded by identity rather than logic, it is still a good way to persuade the right kind of audience.

Good arguments can win the day where people are making a choice based on logic and merit, and are not persuaded by hyperbole, rhetoric or emotiona...

  • In any field, logic is the foundational discipline.
  • The logic of Aristotle or the modern symbolic logic are shining examples of the merit of this system.
  • It is widely used in mathematics, philosophy and computer science.

Many politicians, advertisers and corporate spokespersons use propaganda, exaggeration, misdirection and selective lying to promote their agendas and mislead the public.

The strongly visual and persuasive techniques are sometimes effective but hold no ground when they are studied with logi...

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