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Always On Focus Mode

Always On Focus Mode

Avoid Disturbances By Turning Off Notifications

🚫 Do Not Disturb Mode Keeps You Focused

  • Turn off notifications for all apps except important ones
  • Family and close friends can reach you through an exception list
  • Be more productive by staying away from constant distractions
  • Reduce screen time and increase focus by using this approach


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How to Make Your Smartphone Work Like a Dumb Phone

How to Make Your Smartphone Work Like a Dumb Phone

Are you addicted to your smartphone and looking to minimize distractions? Follow these steps to turn your phone into a productive tool:

  1. Download Blank Spaces App and ScreenZen for better screen time management.
  2. Customize your phone to look like a dumb phone by removing unnecessary apps.
  3. Only keep apps that are essential for your job or achieving your goals.

With this simple change, you can increase your productivity and achieve your desired position without constant distractions. 🚀


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Productive Calendar

Productive Calendar

Use your calendar to schedule all your activities. This way you can follow your plan without having to think about it, and ensure you have time for sleep, work, gym, eating, relaxing, walking, and reading.


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Tips for apps

Tips for apps

💡Looking to improve your daily routines? Try these apps:

  • Hevy - track your workouts and progress at the gym
  • Sleep Cycle - improve your sleep quality with personalized tracking
  • Notiom - simplify your note taking process and stay organized


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Make every uncomfortable decision to live a life that is worth living.



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This topic is about eliminating todays age addiction to phones - transforming your phone to productive tool that serves you, not the other way around. I am using Apple device but can be done somehow on Android also.

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