5 Habits That'll Make You Happier (and Wealthier) Than 97% of People - Deepstash
5 Habits That'll Make You Happier (and Wealthier) Than 97% of People

5 Habits That'll Make You Happier (and Wealthier) Than 97% of People

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“Retirement is when you stop sacrificing today for an imaginary tomorrow. When today is complete, in and of itself, you’re retired.”



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1. Journal for clarity

If you don't control your thoughts, they control you.

Journaling empowers you to:

• Process emotions

• Solve problems

• Gain self-awareness

Get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper daily.

Clarity precedes mastery.


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2. Invest in yourself

Your personal development is a leading metric for your success.

The Art Of Habits (it's free)

As you grow, so does your capacity to serve the world.

• Read books

• Take courses

• Seek mentors

Never stop learning.


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3. Create optimism through gratitude

Realistic optimism is the ultimate resilience.

Train your mind to focus on the:

• Possibilities, not limitations

• Lessons, not failures

• Journey, not destination

You do so by cultivating gratitude. After all, a grateful mind is a powerful mind.

Practice appreciating what you have daily, from the simple to the profound:

• Your breath

• Your opportunities

• Your loved ones

Gratitude keeps you grounded and positive through the roller coaster of entrepreneurship.


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4. Prioritize your health

Your mind and body are your most precious resources. Protect them at all costs:

• Eat clean, whole foods

• Exercise every day

• Get 8+ hours of quality sleep

Investing in your health pays lifelong dividends.

Treat it like your #1 business priority.


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5. Master essentialism

Essentialism is about discerning the vital few from the trivial many.

What's the ONE project I should focus to 10X my leads?

What's the ONE person I can call to 10X my business?

What's the ONE course I should buy to accelerate my business?

Focusing on fewer things makes you more fulfilled and productive.


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3 rules of thumb:

  1. Don't work on more than 3 projects
  2. Make "no" your default answer
  3. Set hard constraints for the opportunities you take on

Focus is today's most important skill. Master it to do more by doing less.


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