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Why We Think Some Chores Are Stressful

Why We Think Some Chores Are Stressful

Any chore becomes a humongous, stressful task if the right motivation is not behind it. Something that you don’t want to do, but still have to, makes it an undesirable activity.

This happens because one tries to do something, without really intending to do so. Trying makes us focus on the difficulty of the task, repelling us from the activity.


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Being Intentional In Your Daily Activities

  • When the task is guided and motivated by a pure intention, the inevitable obstacles become interesting challenges, like a video game that you want to play and win.
  • Performing a task with a wholehearted intention makes all the difference and turns your work into a delightful activity that you look forward to.
  • The distinction of trying vs intending is a litmus test for all the struggles and challenges that one faces in life.


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