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Live for Your Eulogy, Not Your Obituary

Live for Your Eulogy, Not Your Obituary


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The Five Human Fears

The Five Human Fears

Human beings have five fears that are relatively common:

  1. Fear Of Death.
  2. Fear Of Injury or mutilation.
  3. Loss of Freedom and Autonomy.
  4. Fear of separation coming from loss, rejection or abandonment.
  5. Fear of the Ego-death, from shame or humiliation.


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New Aspects of Fear During a Crisis

The global pandemic has surfaced a peculiar fear of not being able to communicate with one’s family and friends before our(sudden) death.

The fear of not being able to say goodbye, or to not be able to speak the parting words of love and forgiveness.



Obituary Vs Eulogy

  • An obituary is a formal ‘public resume’ of a life that has now ended. It can include details like the place of birth, location, work and the names of the surviving family members. It is like a LinkedIn profile along with the Facebook profile picture.
  • A eulogy(pronounced You-luh-jee), by contrast, is about sharing memories, stories, quirks and the human element of the deceased. It captures the legacy and impact of the deceased.



Writing Your Eulogy

  • Normally, a eulogy is written by a loved one after someone’s demise.
  • By writing one’s own eulogy while one is still alive and breathing, the process is reverse-engineered and a self-commitment is made to live a courageous life, which is true to one’s ideals.
  • It is not an exercise to make one feel depressed but to understand the goals, values and desires of one’s life.



Tips On Penning Your Eulogy

  1. What you do everyday matters the most to your loved ones, especially children. If your everyday, mundane activities make others feel loved, you will be remembered for them.
  2. If the values that you claim to have are just on paper, then certain specific habits need to be developed to incorporate those values in your life. Your eulogy has to be truthful, not simply a collection of inspirational quotes that are not implemented by you.
  3. The gap between the story in your eulogy and your current story is your opportunity to change.




Using the right vocabulary

Using the right vocabulary

When switching from being an employee to a freelancer, you should pay particular attention to the way you express yourself, the words you choose.

For instance, integrating words such a...

Name your business right

A very important step when starting to work as a freelancer is to actually call your business as what is: a ‘freelance business’.

These kind of words encourage your clients to perceive you as being trustworthy while giving you a better feeling of ownership.

Avoid using ‘ I need..’

Whenever we hear the ‘I need…’ words, we all tend to get a bit irritated by this way of being requested to provide something that always seems of the most utter importance.

On the other hand, there are expressions which could easily replace the ‘ I need…’ while giving the other person the impression that everything is under control.

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You’re Choosing To Live The Way You Live Right Now

You’re Choosing To Live The Way You Live Right Now

We are responsible for the life we’re living right now. If your life is boring, you have the power to make changes.

Feeling helpless won’t be beneficial in the long term. S...

Keeping The Outside World Happy

There’s so much pressure to live our lives in a specific way (from society and our families) and most of us fall for the trap of pleasing the expectations of others.

But you’re the one living your live and so there is no one more capable to decide what your life should look like.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life."

Loneliness And Loss Of Connection

Loneliness And Loss Of Connection

Loneliness is nothing new, but the last decade the feeling has expanded to alarming degrees. Loneliness used to mean being socially isolated, but now it means loss of connection, lack of trust, and...

Ambiguous Loss

It happens when your loved one is physically present but has gone absent in all other ways from any sort of relationship.

One can see it when a partner is half-listening to you, distracted on social media, or when during a phone conversation, you can feel that your partner is lost somewhere, and is lagging in his/her response.

Solitude In The Time Of Crisis

We used to love solitude when there was hustle-bustle on the streets, but now when the whole world is isolated and the streets are not as before, solitude feels stressful.

These times of crisis and loss have made our coping mechanism become extreme and unpredictable.