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Live for Your Eulogy, Not Your Obituary

Live for Your Eulogy, Not Your Obituary


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The Five Human Fears

Human beings have five fears that are relatively common:

  1. Fear Of Death.
  2. Fear Of Injury or mutilation.
  3. Loss of Freedom and Autonomy.
  4. Fear of separation coming from loss, rejection or abandonment.
  5. Fear of the Ego-death, from shame or humiliation.

The global pandemic has surfaced a peculiar fear of not being able to communicate with one’s family and friends before our(sudden) death.

The fear of not being able to say goodbye, or to not be able to speak the parting words of love and forgiveness.

  • An obituary is a formal ‘public resume’ of a life that has now ended. It can include details like the place of birth, location, work and the names of the surviving family members. It is like a LinkedIn profile along with the Facebook profile picture.
  • A eulo...

  • Normally, a eulogy is written by a loved one after someone’s demise.
  • By writing one’s own eulogy while one is still alive and breathing, the process is reverse-engineered and a self-commitment is made to live a courageous life, which is true to one’s ideals.
  • It is not an...

  1. What you do everyday matters the most to your loved ones, especially children. If your everyday, mundane activities make others feel loved, you will be remembered for them.
  2. If the values that you claim to have are just on paper, then certain specific habits need to...

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