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In Defense of the Psychologically Rich Life

In Defense of the Psychologically Rich Life


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In Defense of the Psychologically Rich Life

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A Psychologically Rich Life

The definition of a good life has been divided into two main conceptualizations by many great philosophers and thinkers.

  • A Happy Life or hedonic well-being involves pleasure, positivity and enjoyment.
  • A Meaningful Life or eudaimonic well-being is full of virtue, purpose, devotion, and even sacrifice.


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New research points out towards the third conceptualization of a good life (besides a happy life and a meaningful one): The psychologically rich life.

It is a life full of intense, deep emotions, complex and diverse mental engagements, and surprising experiences, making the psychologically rich life both pleasant, meaningful and novel. This may or may not involve any kind of economic richness.


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No one really talks about it, but a picture-perfect life with a steady office job, nice car, a great family may be satisfying and meaningful but still become monotonous and boring.

The cracks start to show after a few years in the form of mid-life crisis or family issues like marital problems.


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Several studies point out that a sizable number of people would love to reverse their life’s choices of settling down early or staying in college for four years for a worthless degree.

The curious minds who are open to new kinds of experiences (both positive and negative) regret neglecting their instinct towards obtaining a richer, more intense slice of life, making it psychologically rich.


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