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You Don't Have to Choose: 5 Tips for Balancing Your Personal Life With Your Business's Growth

You Don't Have to Choose: 5 Tips for Balancing Your Personal Life With Your Business's Growth
Launching and scaling a business comes with a great many sacrifices, and it's no surprise many of these concessions start at home. As founders, we reprioritize our family, friends, and unrelated personal interests -- all in the name of capturing opportunity and market share.


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Create a routine

Create a routine

Create a simple daily routine that includes time for both your personal and work priorities. 

Because one of the most exhausting parts of balancing work and life is related to the multitude of tiny prioritization decisions (working in that project vs choosing to go out with a friend, for example).




Find your peak hours

Find your peak hours

Determine when you do your best work.  Focus your professional responsibilities during that time, and save your "off hours" for leisure.



Embrace work friends

Embrace work friends

Build meaningful relationships with work friends, because they can relate to what you're dealing with.

Your close circle will be eager to support you throughout your work's highs and lows, but talking about your work-related worries can leave you feeling isolated or even burdensome.



Try something new

Try something new

Finding a new creative outlet (whether it's learning a language or testing out your photography skills) can refresh your perspective on the balance between work and play. 



Make it personal

Make it personal

Define what balance means to you, and hold yourself to that.

Choose to be honest with yourself about how you're holding up, and acknowledge that there's no universal formula for happiness. 




Work-life balance

Define what a balanced life looks like to you before you can work towards a better work-life balance.

To define a work-life balance, write out the things that are important to you on a list a...

Stop multi-tasking

Wherever you are, be focused on what's in front of you.

When you're interrupted, it takes 15-20 minutes to get your focus back to it was before being distracted. If you're multi-tasking, you'll be less efficient and your long term memory will suffer.

Connecting physical spaces with behaviors

We mentally tie certain physical areas to certain behaviors. If you associate your home with relaxation, why would you let something stressful like work infiltrate it? You're better off to stay at work and deepen the connection between productivity and your workspace.

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Do Your Research First

Commit to a niche--but choose the one you can actually win. All the big names in your industry started out by dominating a small space.

What do y...

Weave Your Brand Into Everything You Do

For example, brand the content you're creating, whether it's great data (charts, research, infographics, visualizations, etc.), photos, memes, or cool diagrams or workflows.

Think about the tone and style of your content. You need to be intentional in how you develop your personal brand. Simply blogging or showing up on social media doesn't cut it.

Go Big at Industry Conferences or Stay Home

Generally, the people who attend a large industry conference will only remember the top 2 % - 5 % of sessions. The rest will be forgotten.

You need to be great. If you aren't reasonably confident that you will be among the top presentations, don't bother.

Improve Any Relationship

  • Acknowledge the opinions, feelings and needs of others
  • Be more open to suggestions and compromises
  • Give 100% of your attention to the job
  • Spend ...