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Three Steps To Get Up To Speed On Any Subject Quickly

Three Steps To Get Up To Speed On Any Subject Quickly

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Google once, then start sketching

Google once, then start sketching

When you need to understand something unfamiliar to you, do some searches to have a quick overview of what other people have said about the topic. 

But to avoid going down on a digital rabbit hole, move on after the initial search. Then, to make sense of what you found, sketch it out as a diagram. This will help you understand the gaps in your knowledge.


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Get inside the right people's heads

Get inside the right people's heads

Knowledge often comes not only from asking the right questions but meeting with the right people. So don't just seek smart people. Seek the right smart people.

There are key insights experts can’t reveal. The most valuable insights often come from people who are closest to a product, policy, or service but outside your sphere.


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Teach to know

Teach to know

If you can't explain it with simple words, you don't really understand it. So write out everything you know about a subject as if you were teaching it to someone else.

Go beyond the professional jargon and assess if you really understand that complicated terminology.


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I salute those people who smile despite all of their problems.

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