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Do You Know The Meaning of The Good Life?

Do You Know The Meaning of The Good Life?


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The Good Life

What is "the good life"? This is one of the oldest philosophical questions. It has been posed in different ways.

How should one live? What does it mean to "live well"?

These are really just the same question.

But the question isn’t as simple as it sounds. Philosophers specializ...

The Moral Life

  • One basic way we use the word "good" is to express moral approval.
  • When we say someone is living well or that they have lived a good life, we may simply mean that they are a good person.
  • Socrates and Plato both gave absolute priority to being a virtuous person over all other ...

The Life of Pleasure

The ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus declared that what makes life worth living is experiencing pleasure.

Today, this hedonistic conception of the good life is dominant in Western culture and is often taken to mean enjoying recreational pleasures such as good food, good w...

The Fulfilled Life

According to Aristotle, happiness is something we value not as a means to some other end but for its own sake. It has intrinsic value rather than instrumental value.

The good life is one in which a person cultivates and exercises their rational faculties by engaging in scientific inquiry, p...

The Meaningful Life

  • Recent research shows that people who have children are not necessarily happier than people who don't have children.
  • During the child-raising years, and especially when children have turned into teenagers, parents typically have lower levels of happiness and higher levels of stress.

The Finished Life

  • A truly good life is one that is both enviable and admirable in all or most of the ways outlined above.
  • Sometimes a person can appear to live a fine life and be able to check all the boxes-virtue, prosperity, friendship, respect, meaning, etc., yet eventually be revealed as something...

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