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What Startup Founders Can Learn From Astronauts

What Startup Founders Can Learn From Astronauts


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What Startup Founders Can Learn From Astronauts

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You don't get to be an astronaut by being wishy-washy. Most started thinking about a career in space very young, and worked hard to gain the skills necessary to realize their goal.

If you do not feel that you have that drive, it might help to give your goal a sense of purpose.

Why do you care about a new app or electronic device? To support your family? To make people's lives easier? To change the world?


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Astronauts are generally not risk-takers. They take calculated risks for something that they think is worthwhile.

As a startup founder, you may feel obliged to risk it all. But, you want to take calculated risks, not some blind, shot-in-the-dark. By implementing a risk-evaluation process into your daily business, you can plan your next moves with less fear of the unknown.


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As you develop your business plan, be realistic.

Getting a new venture off the ground is risky. Being realistic might mean sharing the risk. If you can't make it happen by yourself, consider partners and a co-founder.


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You're going to meet challenges along the way. Acknowledge them.

Then put aside ego and attitude, and fix the problem even if it means being honest about your own shortcomings.


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The most important thing in your endeavor is to help people, help your team to increase capacity to build their own path and help your customers to have a better life.

As an entrepreneur, you are an explorer of opportunities.


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