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A Message For Those Feeling Lost In Their 20s

A Message For Those Feeling Lost In Their 20s

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Go Big Early

Most youngsters start by taking safe jobs and then are tied in the mortgage, unable to do anything else, being chained to their jobs.

The idea is to take your biggest risks early in life.

High-Risk and High-Rewards move early in your career work best.


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Enjoy The Process

Great, world-changing work is when you enjoy the process.

If you are focussed on earning more due to external and social pressures and expectations, you won't have a long career.

Your work has to be your art. You have to be obsessed with your craft, and be able to do it for free, if need be.


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Don't Stress about Future

If you don't know what your art is, that is ok. You are just early in the process. Most people in their 20s and 30s haven't had their entire lives figured out.

Try different jobs, have varied experiences and find your calling.


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Foster Honest Conversations

Have tough conversations with the people that are closest to you.

Telling them the truth, and how you feel about everything, what you plan to do with your life, your fears and insecurities, will change your life.

Most people carry on with mediocre lives, never having the courage to speak up, and allowing others to hold them back in their careers, or take terrible long-term decisions.


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Let Your Actions Speak

There is a tough interim period when you are being judged and ridiculed. Just stay patient and keep working on your craft.

The scenario and the current struggle will end soon, and your work will be visible to all who were judging or doubting you.


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