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Am I in Love Or Am I in Awe

Am I in Love Or Am I in Awe

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Love, Admiration and Reverence

Reverence is an emotion that makes us put the people we are in awe of, on a pedestal. It helps us emulate the good qualities of the person and improve ourselves. If the person we revere and admire is also someone close to us, we may think we are in love.

It can be confusing to understand if we are in love with 1) the person; or 2) the perfect qualities of that person, which we admire.


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A Definition of Love

Years of pop culture exposure, in which love has been depicted in a perfect way, we have an idealistic and black-and-white understanding of love.

Real love is accepting someone with all the flaws that come with them, with no conditions.


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The Greek Definition of Love

The Greeks categorized love into three types:

  • Philia: The love of material things and friends.
  • Eros: Physical love, lust, love of the senses
  • Agape: Godly or fatherly unconditional love.


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