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The Value of Letter Writing

The Value of Letter Writing
I owe you an apology. I owe you a thank you. I owe you an explanation.I owe you the truth. I owe you respect. Can you help me?I love you.I miss you.I'm leaving.Why did you leave me? And so I'm writing to you.


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Writing letters as therapy

Writing letters as therapy

Unlike modern communication tools like text messages, letters have a unique, personal and intimate identity. Letter writing is a lost art, and an important tool for therapy. The pent up feel...



Letters Of Courage

  • Letters that are just for us provide us with a space for reflection where we have a conversation with our identity, our inner-critic, or our ego.
  • Secret, unsent letters that ...




Writing Daily

To build a habit of daily writing, try to get three pages of writing done every day. It can be about anything and it’s important that you write all without editing or censoring.


Set Accountability Metrics

Come up with trackable goals like a number of words or pages per day. The specificity is important because being able to measure it allows you to keep track of your progress and better change your behavior. 

Make It a Regular Practice

Keeping track of streaks is a very powerful tactic for developing any new habit. Knowing that you have consistently succeeded for a number of days helps you push through the days who are unmotivated.

Other ways to foster regularity: writing in a different style or genre, and doing your writing first thing in the morning.

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Having 'everything'

We think once we have a fulfilling job, we'll be happy, or once we have a loving partner or children, we'll never feel dissatisfied again.

Yet, when we have all these things, we still feel ne...

Hiding from yourself

Pretending you’re normal and trying to fit in with the innocents in your midst keeps you sad and negative.

Don't stigmatize your dissatisfaction or restlessness. Don't scold yourself for your feelings, but make more space for them. These sensations will lead you down a new path toward joy.

Converse with your negative self

Try inviting your sad and negative self to find out why you feel this way. You won’t know what you truly want until you listen patiently to yourself. If you give it time, you'll find out what you really long for.

Sometimes, it is something about the way you've structured your days that doesn't honor the potential and countless possibilities that are stretched out before you. Or something about your anxiety has caused you to build things that restrict you. Your fears will keep you inside predictable shapes.

Love, Admiration and Reverence

Reverence is an emotion that makes us put the people we are in awe of, on a pedestal. It helps us emulate the good qualities of the person and improve ourselves. If the person we reve...

A Definition of Love

Years of pop culture exposure, in which love has been depicted in a perfect way, we have an idealistic and black-and-white understanding of love.

Real love is accepting someone with all the flaws that come with them, with no conditions.

The Greek Definition of Love

The Greeks categorized love into three types:

  • Philia: The love of material things and friends.
  • Eros: Physical love, lust, love of the senses
  • Agape: Godly or fatherly unconditional love.