How To Do A Weekly Planning Session. — Carl Pullein - Deepstash
How To Do A Weekly Planning Session. — Carl Pullein

How To Do A Weekly Planning Session. — Carl Pullein

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Weekly Planning Tips

  1. Fill no more than 50% of your time: You need to build in flexibility because each day you will be picking up new tasks. 
  2. Keep an afternoon free: I also try to keep Thursday / Friday afternoon as free as possible to catch up with anything I did not manage to get done in the early part of the week.


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Weekly Planning Checklist

  • Go through your active projects and goals and ask: what needs to happen next? Block the time required to do that work on your calendar. (Your big rocks)
  • Review your appointments for next week and make sure they are still happening
  • Review your “Next Week” tasks to make sure they still need to be done next week and if they do, move them to your This Week folder and add a date.
  • Do a final review of your calendar to make sure you have enough space for the unknowns.


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