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‎Zen Habits Favorites: Why I’m Always in a Hurry, & What I’m Doing About It on Apple Podcasts



‎Zen Habits Favorites: Why I’m Always in a Hurry, & What I’m Doing About It on Apple Podcasts


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Always In A Hurry

Always In A Hurry
  • We all want a bigger slice of life, not relishing what we are doing, but in a hurry to jump to the next thing.
  • Completing a task isn’t filled with contentment, but with a rush to grab something else or switch to a different task.
  • Even the book we read or the food we eat is in a hurry, as there is a craving to try the next thing.
  • When we travel, there is always an ‘itch’ inside us to check out all the cafe’s, beaches or museums, as we cannot sit still in one place.



Consume Life To The Fullest

In the urge to eat a bigger portion of life’s cake, we believe we shouldn’t waste our time and grab it while we can, unable to relax or relish life in a calm manner.

It is almost as if there is an invisible race going on, and we need to compete with others by posting pictures on Instagram at the earliest.


The Greed Of Living Life

Our mind is full of kind of greed to consume life to the maximum. This is not your garden variety ‘i want more money’ greed, but a force inside us to live life to the fullest.

  • This greed makes us abandon our peace of mind, our moments of real appreciation, as we rush to the next ‘high’.
  • An added disadvantage of this kind of behaviour is that one is not able to understand the true worth of what we have.


The Way Out Of The Never-Ending Cycle Of Greed

Indulging in the greediness of life’s pleasures will create the wanting of more and more, making us lose the moments that are really important or appreciable.

One has to let go of those urges to rush which cling you to more of them. Let go of the tendencies of greed in your mind and feel the worth of what you have and counter those thoughts with the virtue of generosity.


Generosity Towards Your Life

This is not the 'giving stuff to others' kind of generosity, but the generosity of turning yourself from the influence to the self-centred view.

Give your attention to those who actually need your time, pay attention to yourselves in what you are doing and experience. Be generous to your actions with your dedication and self-realization.