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4 useful truths for your personal growth journey

There are four things that are very useful for people who have big expectations of themselves and life that will help you stop pressuring yourself.

  1. You don't need to have big goals to be successful.
  2. You don't need to have many thriving relationships or community to be happy.
  3. You don't have to know your purpose to live a happy life.
  4. You cannot be happy in every situation because you choose to be.



Goals are great as they clarify your direction and inspire you. But there are lots of successful people that don't deliberately set and achieve big goals.

Goals elevate your life to higher levels, but it is not clear what success means. Success could mean being a good human being and doing things that make you happy. Define what success means to you, then follow that.


Relationships are core to our life journey. But you don't need lots of amazing friends and a big community of like-minded people to be happy.

You can have a small handful of people who are meaningful to you and with whom you feel connected.



Many human beings don't really know their life purpose, but they have a fulfilling life.

Instead of getting stressed out because you're not sure what your purpose is, focus on what inspires you, what life puts right in front of you. Lean into what feels joyful and intuitively aligned for you, and you will have a fulfilling life.


Happiness is a choice. But happiness in some situations is not possible nor appropriate - for example, the diagnosis of a serious health condition, losing a loved one, relationship breakdown, grief, injury, job loss, or a financial problem.

However, you can have inner PEACE in any situation, no matter what is happening.


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