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What Makes People Happy And How Can We Get Lasting Happiness?

What Makes People Happy And How Can We Get Lasting Happiness?
So, how does it feel to be happy and what makes people happy? Are you happy now? If not, can you recollect the feeling of being happy when you were? Maybe you were happy when you got married or got the job. You were feeling great, bright, joyous, high, optimistic and filled with lofty visions for the future.


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What creates happiness in the brain

What creates happiness in the brain
  • Dopamine: The happy chemical that our brain releases when we see reward or pleasure in sight.
  • Oxytocin: A hormone and a neurotransmitter, it gets released when we bond, feel love, and trust the people around us.
  • Serotonin: It is experienced when we feel self-respect, confidence and importance.
  • Endorphin: This neurotransmitter gets released to help us cope with physical pain.
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    Happiness as a choice

    Happiness as a choice

    Once you realize that happiness is predominantly an internal process, you will gradually understand that happiness is also a choice, and you will be able to transcend the limits of what it is that makes you happy.

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    It's a feeling of spiritual and emotional wellbeing that includes bliss, elation, ecstasy, exuberance, and euphoria.

    It’s an internal affair that is self-exist...


    It's a personal, external and fleeting feeling. It depends upon external things, situations, and experiences and can be achieved through possessions and experiences.

    Happiness includes feelings of gratification, excitement, merriment, playfulness, amusement, and enjoyment.


    It's freedom from disturbance. A state of tranquillity and harmony that can be felt collectively or individually.

    Peace and happiness can be entwined, but the circumstances from which they arise are different.


    It's the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of succeeding. It’s a simple and light-hearted spark that transcends through your body and leaves fee...


    It's a pleasurable emotion brought by a state of well-being and contentment. It’s usually accompanied by an attachment to an idea, a destination or experience. It often weighs profoundly heavier on our subconscious. 

    Happiness Is a Destination; Joy An Attitude

    The vision of the life you desire is a destination you shouldn’t ignore as it’s key to understanding your happy place.

    If happiness is the destination, joy is the milestone that leads there. Joy comes and passes through without the heaviness of it being a “final destination” because joy is an attitude.

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    Happiness and satisfaction are subjective concepts – while for some of us monetary benefits can be equated with job satisfaction, some might strive for recognition of their hard-work and los...

    Workplace Happiness defined

    In a fundamental sense, workplace happiness comes when:

    • We enjoy doing the tasks assigned to us
    • We feel right about the people we are working with
    • We are happy with the financial benefits we get from the job
    • We have the scope of improving our existing skills
    • We feel respected and acknowledged at work

    Importance Of Happiness At Work

    Happy employees are compulsory for a growing business.

    A study on organizational success revealed that employees who feel happy in the workplace are 65% more energetic than employees who don’t. They are two times more productive and are more likely to sustain their jobs over a long period of time.