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What Makes People Happy And How Can We Get Lasting Happiness?

Happiness as a choice

Once you realize that happiness is predominantly an internal process, you will gradually understand that happiness is also a choice, and you will be able to transcend the limits of what it is that makes you happy.


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What Makes People Happy And How Can We Get Lasting Happiness?

What Makes People Happy And How Can We Get Lasting Happiness?




Key Ideas

What creates happiness in the brain

  • Dopamine: The happy chemical that our brain releases when we see reward or pleasure in sight.
  • Oxytocin: A hormone and a neurotransmitter, it gets released when we bond, feel love, and trust the people around us.
  • Serotonin: It is experienced when we feel self-respect, confidence and importance.
  • Endorphin: This neurotransmitter gets released to help us cope with physical pain.
  • Happiness as a choice

    Once you realize that happiness is predominantly an internal process, you will gradually understand that happiness is also a choice, and you will be able to transcend the limits of what it is that makes you happy.



    It's a feeling of spiritual and emotional wellbeing that includes bliss, elation, ecstasy, exuberance, and euphoria.

    It’s an internal affair that is self-exist...


    It's a personal, external and fleeting feeling. It depends upon external things, situations, and experiences and can be achieved through possessions and experiences.

    Happiness includes feelings of gratification, excitement, merriment, playfulness, amusement, and enjoyment.


    It's freedom from disturbance. A state of tranquillity and harmony that can be felt collectively or individually.

    Peace and happiness can be entwined, but the circumstances from which they arise are different.


    It's the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of succeeding. It’s a simple and light-hearted spark that transcends through your body and leaves fee...


    It's a pleasurable emotion brought by a state of well-being and contentment. It’s usually accompanied by an attachment to an idea, a destination or experience. It often weighs profoundly heavier on our subconscious. 

    Happiness Is a Destination; Joy An Attitude

    The vision of the life you desire is a destination you shouldn’t ignore as it’s key to understanding your happy place.

    If happiness is the destination, joy is the milestone that leads there. Joy comes and passes through without the heaviness of it being a “final destination” because joy is an attitude.

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    3 kinds of happiness that don’t ever last
    • Rock Star Happiness: Rock star happiness is all about getting what you want. And we think it will make us happy. 
    • Lowered Expectations: Perhaps happine...
    If you aren’t growing, you are dying
    Happiness that is true and lasting is quite simply this: progress. Progress = Happiness! If you are moving forward in your life, if you are progressing personally, professionally, emotionally, spiritually — you will be happy. It is only in stagnation that we wilt.

    Happiness and satisfaction are subjective concepts – while for some of us monetary benefits can be equated with job satisfaction, some might strive for recognition of their hard-work and los...

    Workplace Happiness defined

    In a fundamental sense, workplace happiness comes when:

    • We enjoy doing the tasks assigned to us
    • We feel right about the people we are working with
    • We are happy with the financial benefits we get from the job
    • We have the scope of improving our existing skills
    • We feel respected and acknowledged at work
    Importance Of Happiness At Work

    Happy employees are compulsory for a growing business.

    A study on organizational success revealed that employees who feel happy in the workplace are 65% more energetic than employees who don’t. They are two times more productive and are more likely to sustain their jobs over a long period of time.

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    Productivity and the American Dream

    We are obsessed with the idea that our potential for happiness is intricately tied to our freedom to pursue wealth. We think we must work harder and longer than ...

    Productivity and Effectiveness

    Efficiency does not necessarily guarantee effectiveness. Getting more done is not an accurate barometer for measuring your impact. Consider whether you’re being effective in achieving what you actually want. 

    Think about what it is you’re really seeking and what might be the most direct path to get it. Then realize that sometimes doing less can actually pave the path to experiencing more—more satisfaction, more ease, and even more effectiveness.

    Productivity and Happiness

    Research suggests that happiness leads to success, not the other way around. It would benefit us to shift our focus from achieving future happiness to accessing that joy right now.

    When we wrap our days around things we have to do we leave very little time for the things we want to do. Happiness requires balance.

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    Spend time with furry friends

    Play fetch with Fido or sneak in a few cuddles with your kitten. 

    Interacting with your pets can release oxytocin in the brain ― you know, the “warm and fuzzy” hormone ― resulting...

    Count your blessings

    There’s nothing like a little thankfulness to boost your mood. Research shows expressing gratitude can make you happier

    Try writing down three things you’re thankful for at the end of each night.

    Remind yourself how great you are

     Studies show self-acceptance is crucial to a happier life, but it’s a habit we barely practice.

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    The theory of motivation
    The theory of motivation
    The theory of Maslow represents itself as a pyramid that explains the levels of needs.
    • The lowest and first one is physical needs such as water, food, and air. 
    • Second, ...

    Self-esteem is the subjective evaluation of your own worth. There are two sources to fulfill this need:

    1. The need for respect from others that is obtained from recognition and admiration.
    2. The need for self-respect in the form of self-love, skill or aptitude. If you buy things because you want to prove yourself, you will fulfill your need for self-love.

      Self-actualization is the realization of one's uniquely creative, intellectual, or social potential. It is a very personal experience.

      When their need for self-esteem is fulfilled, where they have accepted themselves for the good and the bad, people move on to self-actualization.

      Diffuse the fear of being rejected

      ... by acknowledging and expecting it can and will hurt.

      To overcome the sting of rejection, stop trying to avoid feeling that stings. Stop pretending your unaffect...

      Interrupting rumination

      Make a contract with your partner, family, and friends allowing them to catch you in the throes of verbal diarrhea when you were unfairly treated.

      Work out three or four different activities that will distract you and turn your attention to something productive. 

      Regulate the number of rejection opportunities

       ... you expose yourself to.

      We all have a different threshold of the amount of rejection we can handle. Wisely considering how much more you can handle is essential. 

      Before you take another step forward, ask yourself if you have the right resources and support in place to catch you.

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      Nataly Kogan

      “Happiness and emotional health are not extras, or bonuses, or nice-to-haves – they’re actually at the core of wha..."

      Nataly Kogan
      Happy Happy People

      Happiness is not a goal or something to pursue at a later time. Emotional health is a skill to be mastered, not a destination to eventually arrive at.

      And being happy is being linked to an active lifestyle, a better diet, better sleep, better weight management, lower stress levels, an improved immune system, and increased life expectancy.

      Analyze and Identify

      Get perspective and clarity on which area of your life you have to focus on. Start by analyzing, examining and identifying the problem areas:

      • Fun and Recreation
      • Physical Environment
      • Career
      • Finances
      • Personal Growth
      • Romance
      • Family and Friends
      • Health

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      Happiness through progress

      The true secret to lasting happiness is progress.

      As long as you are moving forward on your path to a higher state of being, you can feel good about yourself and your journey along the...

      Feed your mind

      What you feed your mind is what you become. So give your mind the most nutritious content possible.

      Read biographies of great people who have achieved amazing things and endured massive challenges. This will help you put your own life into perspective and gain insight. 

      Strengthen your body daily
      • Adopt a healthy diet, in the long term. You must have the right fuel to push your body and increase strength and stamina. 
      • Exercise. Aim for 5 days a week minimum. Push yourself so your heart is racing for at least 10 minutes to get the full cardiovascular benefit.
      • Create a daily ritual to help make you strong. It should leave you feeling happy and ready to take on your day.

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