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Running Away From Your Problems Doesn't Work

When we experience hardships it's easy to want the easy way out and we find it extremely difficult to stick around for things to get better or find a solution for it. We feel temporary relief from running away because out of sight, out of mind.

However, we will always trip over our problems because they are inevitable unless you resolve them. We cannot escape what lies unresolved within us.


"When you run away from your problems, you become afraid to love anything fully, live anywhere completely, invest yourself entirely in any new person or venture, for the underlying fear that eventually you are going to leave".


The more you run away from your problems the more you run away from who you are. This eventually defines who you are instead of the person you could have been if you worked through your downfalls and accepted your shortcomings and overcame them.

You have it inside of you to become the version of yourself that is dependable, resilient, and able. Don't lose perseverance and detangle what needs detangling before you tie up the loose threads.



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