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The Mind of Leonardo da Vinci

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The Mind of Leonardo da Vinci

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Truth To Power For Writers

Truth To Power For Writers

  • Whatever your medium of publication, the first five seconds make or break the interest of the reader.
  • Good ideas are easy to write, and if the idea isn’t a good one, there is a likelihood of a writer’s block.
  • Two decades ago, reading a complete book was easier as there were fewer distractions. Smartphones have made people infinitely distracted due to the constant ‘dopamine hits’ it offers. One has to keep the dwindling attention span of people in mind while writing.
  • Brevity is King.
  • One has to be ruthless in the destruction of bad writings.


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Writers, Take Note

  1. Most good writing has its origins in good reading.
  2. Good ideas can come anytime, usually when you are not working.
  3. Scheduled mind-drilling of ideas produces mediocre results.
  4. You can write something even if someone has already written about it. Winston Churchill has more than a thousand published biographies.
  5. Write something that people know but haven’t verbalized.
  6. Writing isn’t a soft skill, because the best, most persuasive stories are always sought after.
  7. Stop lecturing, and start telling stories.
  8. Writing is art, and what you enjoy writing, people will enjoy reading.


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William Maugham

“There are three rules of good writing, unfortunately, no one knows what they are.”



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I get my inspiration from the fictional world. I'm a social geek.

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