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5 Habits That Make Me Feel Like An Actual Adult

5 Habits That Make Me Feel Like An Actual Adult


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5 Habits That Make Me Feel Like An Actual Adult

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1. Arriving early to all of my appointments.

Not only has this new habit made me a more respectful and dependable human being, but it’s also reduced my own stress levels because I no longer feel guilty about wasting people’s time.


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2. Cleaning my living space at least once a week.

Every Sunday afternoon, I set aside at least a couple of hours to deep-clean my space. I clear any lingering dishes, disinfect surfaces like doorknobs and handles, dust, vacuum, change linens, and stock my mini-fridge with snacks and drinks for the week.


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3. Skipping the bar.

I used to be someone who’d get blackout drunk pretty much every single weekend. It was something I looked forward to as a way of “letting loose” or “having fun.” But you know what’s actually way more fun? Not waking up every Sunday morning wanting to crawl into a hole because you’re deathly hungover and you’ve lost your wallet.


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For the longest time, I completely ignored my credit score. Sure, I never defaulted on a credit card or had a debt go to collections, but I still felt anxious about facing my financial situation. It was the same reason I hated looking at my account balances: a total fear of reality.


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So, for the longest time, I outsourced my taxes. As a teenager, my parents’ accountant let my brother and I file with them for free. And as I got older, I started using H&R Block, since they offer discounts for college students.

If I can do it, anyone can do it — and that’s true not just for taxes, but for adulting in general.


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