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Where did skiing come from?

Where did skiing come from?

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The Ski: A Timeline

The Ski: A Timeline

  • Invented much before the wheel, the ski was a mode of survival for the Cro-Magnon man about 22000 years ago.
  • Two sticks attached to the feet was a lifesaver in harsh plains, swamps, ice and snowy mountains.
  • Cave drawings prove that man has used skis during the last ice age (The Palaeolithic Period).
  • Ski artefacts were first discovered in the 1960s and date back to 6000 BCE.


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Skis: Survival Shoes To Sport

As winter froze the wetlands and the marshes, skis and snowshoes helped man travel and hunt, and that took shape into skill competitions in slopes and level snowfields among military personnel.

The sport that evolved out of skiing was ski racing, which had its first national race in Oslo in the 1860s.


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Skiing To Winter Olympics

  • The Alps became the center of the skiing world as many civilians started doing nordic and alpine skiing.
  • The growing love for mountain skiing, especially the thrill of going downhill, turned into Alpine skiing being in the 1936 Winter Games in Germany.
  • Many innovations like the chairlift and the metal ski made it easier for novices to enjoy skiing as a recreational activity.


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