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People did wrong because their ignorance

People did wrong because their ignorance

Some people usually talk extempore, that make us suddenly feel sad or even angry. Maybe he said our car is pretty old and wrecked. But let's think again some fact about it:

  1. Those people didn't know if their words are hurting us
  2. It's their opinion and not ours
  3. And we can't control people's opinion about us, so the reaction is depend on us not on the situation or others opinion


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Affected by someone‘s opinion are irrational

So in this case, it's actually irational to be angry or sad. Because we actually can't control someone's opinion but we can control how we respond to it. It's more rational to take pity for them. They didn't know if we offended. Or they maybe didn't know how is etiquette of speaking. We hope they learn it soon


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People exist for one another. You can instruct or endure them



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To take pity of them, first step we can instruct them by tell to them if we are about offended because by their words, politely and softly. But before that, we need to know the necessity to instruct someone, there are some reason that instruct might not necessary


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If first step was success, it's good. But when it's failed and even that person begin angry. We need to stop talk, think for our responds, keep calm and ... endure their ignorance. Once again it's important to not affected with someone's opinions. Sometimes silence is better


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Maybe Einstein Was Right?

Maybe he was right, there are 2 infinite things in universe. First, universe itself and second, human ignorance. And he doubt the first one wasn't.


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Stay ambitious and stay stoic

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