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How the Super Bowl Got Its Name

How the Super Bowl Got Its Name


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How the Super Bowl Got Its Name

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The First “Super Bowl”

  • The first American Football League-National Football League Championship Game was played on Jan. 15, 1967.
  • It was the only “Super Bowl” game to be telecast by two television networks, to use two different footballs, to have two kickoffs for the second half, and to fail to sell out.
  • Tickets at $15, $12 and $10 were thought to be overpriced.


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  • In 1966, Pete Rozelle (NFL Commissioner) suggested a few names, that never caught on: “The Big One", “Pro Bowl", “World Series of Football” (it died quickly, deemed too imitative of baseball’s Fall Classic)
  • Finally, he called the game “The AFL-NFL World Championship Game.” That name was official, but it never took off. It was no good for newspaper headlines.
  • It was Lamar Hunt, the main founder of the American Football League and owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, who came upon the term “Super Bowl.” As his son, Lamar Hunt Jr., explained, the idea came from his “Super Ball” toy.


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