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How the Brain Responds to Beauty

How the Brain Responds to Beauty


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How the Brain Responds to Beauty

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The Elusiveness Of Beauty

  • Philosophers have long tried to understand beauty, the enigmatic, elusive phenomenon that has been a mainstay of poets for centuries.
  • Modern science cannot even tell us what beauty is, though they are studying where it exists and where it does not.
  • Various factors like proposition, harmony, symmetry, order, complexity and balance make up for an object to be aesthetically pleasing.


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A majority of objects in nature and even in the visible universe follow the proportion of the Golden Ratio, where the natural design displacement is in the ratio of 1.6:1, providing a clue about the intelligent design prevalent all across the universe.


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Much of the research on beauty has been the outward appearance, or the outer psychophysics.

What’s more fascinating and intriguing is the perception of beauty, and the subjective experiences that result when a beautiful object is observed. This inner psychophysics is a major frontier for modern science.


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The brain, according to scientists, has a ‘beauty center’ which works in tandem with the other areas like the pleasure center, memory center, or visual center, with many functions complementing each other.

New, extensive studies show that beautiful visuals or faces have similar activity in particular brain regions, but the diverse signals showed that different kinds of beauty evokes a completely different response. Beauty, it seems, isn’t a clinical diagnosis of the brain or a mysterious element to be discovered, but is as profound and rich as love.


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