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by Michael L. Nelson

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How To Discover Yourself ??

How To Discover Yourself ??

Being You!!!!

When we’re young, we tend to value the opinions of our friends more than we value our own. We tend to think that many of those around us have things figured out. We feel that they really know what they’re doing while we’re still trying to determine what life is all about, and what we want to do with the life that we have. This is a feeling that almost everyone has had at some point in their life.


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How To Succeed by Finding Your Passion ??

How To Succeed by Finding Your Passion ??

Reaching Your Personal Goals!!!

At the end of every other day, when you finally lie down to rest for the night, what do you think or dream about? Do you think about the things you may want to accomplish with your life?  Do you dream about your hopes and wishes for the future? Do you see yourself playing some big league sport, teaching, or running a business that you started?  Dreaming and thinking about your future is important and, although the possibilities may change often, this is “good work” for you to do.


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Speak Up For What's Right

Speak Up For What's Right

For the most part, by the time we’re in our early teens we know right from wrong on many levels. To gain respect, not only should you always do what’s right – irrespective of the consequences – but you should speak up for what is right.


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Why Friendship Should Be A Choice ??

Why Friendship Should Be A Choice ??

The Friendship Project...

You already have lots of friends. And, you already know that some of them are “good guys” and others are…well, not so much. You’ve already realized that some of these friends can influence you in bad ways, while others inspire you to “do more” and “be better” through the examples they set each day. You already know all of this…so why take the time to read an article about the development of friendships?  Let us answer that question ourselves.


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Believe Your Life is Important

Believe Your Life is Important

Act with the utmost respect toward yourself. Your study habits, what you do with your spare time, what outside interests you have and many similar factors reveal what you think about yourself. As people observe your attitude and behavior, these observations will go a long way toward you gaining their respect…respect that you hopefully deserve.


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Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living: the other helps you make a life.

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