The measurements we have for success are wrong

We convey ourselves to see success as a higher position in society or becoming the best in the market.

It's fine to have a role model but we should always see what they went through and how many years it took for them to be at that stage. There are no overnight heroes. It's their years of work compounded to become who they are.


Perfect Life That You Never Imagined: Success is a Myth

Comparing our success with other's success is the biggest myth

When we see a LinkedIn post about somebody joining a big company we feel sad that we are still struggling to get a good job.

Here we are comparing our success with others.ย 

This is the biggest myth about success.

We should always compare our past with the current and see how we came along all these years. If we are not improved personally, professionally then we should focus on how we can improve ourselves in the coming years.


Change the parameters of measurement

If you want to measure success, better measure your progress with different parameters.

One parameter I use is to check if I'm able to do the small tasks that I have decided to do every day which are going to help me in the long-run.

This way we are focused on improving ourselves and not worried about the outcome.ย 

We achieve great things automatically if we are doing these small things consistently and all those outcomes are bi-products of our consistency.


James Clear

If we can improve 1% every day that will do wonders for us in the long-term.

The Power of compounding is inevitable



Umamaheswararao Tumma

It's not about becoming better than others, It's about becoming a better version of ourselves.


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