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Explorations on the Idea of Nature

Explorations on the Idea of Nature



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The idea of nature is not well defined

The idea of nature is most widely used in philosophy.

Aristotle and Descartes relied on the concept of nature to explain the fundamental points of their view. Even contemporary philosophy employs this idea, yet it is one of the most ill-defined id...

Aristotle used the idea of nature to explain that which defines the essence of something. The essence is the properties that define what a thing is. For example, the essence of water will be its molecular structure.

Then to act in accordance with ...

The idea of nature is sometimes used to refer to anything that exists as part of the physical world.

Natural is also used to refer to a spontaneous process instead of one that occurs as a deliberate result. For example, naturally grown plants vs artificial...

Nature in this sense is related to spontaneity, while nurture is the outcome of a cultural process. For example, education is seen as a process against nature. But any human development is shaped by the activity of interaction with other humans.

Then, for instance...

The idea of nature can also be used to express the wilderness - that which lies at the edge of a cultural process.

If we consider the environmental impact on the whole ecosystem, there may be no real wild place left on our planet. In a looser sense, a walk in the forest or...

In the past millennia, nature has been used as the expression of the divine.

The idea of nature is part of most religions. It takes on specific forms, such as a mountain, sun, ocean, or fire, to include the whole sphere of existence.

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