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Types of plot twists

Types of plot twists

  • Clever: A clever plot twist uses story constraints to throw in an interesting twist that is just clever. You didn’t see it coming, but when it happens, you think, "Oh, that is so good." 
  • Revealing: This plot twist culminates in the answers to uncertainty in your story. 
  • Shocking: This twist completely reverses what you believe is true in the story. In the end, it leaves readers thinking, "Boy, I did not see that coming."


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Twisting Readers’ Assumptions

Twisting Readers’ Assumptions

  • False Assumptions
  • True, but Different, Assumptions


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Tips for Crafting a Mind-Blowing Plot Twist

Tips for Crafting a Mind-Blowing Plot Twist

  1. Throw Out the Obvious
  2. Use Misdirection: Consider using red herrings, dead ends or subvert attention
  3. Crank Up the Foreshadowing
  4. Avoid Gimmicks


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