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Writing Book Reviews 101

Writing Book Reviews 101


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Writing Book Reviews 101

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  1. Take notes
  2. What to Include
  3. Know Your Tropes
  4. Book and Author Bashing isn’t Necessary


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Book Review: What to Include

  • Synopsis: In your own words or from Amazon/Goodreads (credit them). Include major character names and how they fit into the story.
  • Your Opinion: what you liked and disliked and why. Different writing elements the author uses that you like/dislike.
  • Trigger warnings
  • Your Rating
  • Other Details: Setting, the time period it takes place in (especially for historical fiction)
  • Spoilers: Not advisable but if you are including this, please give a spoiler warning.


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Book and Author Bashing isn’t Necessary

  • Talk about how the problems in the book work in the bigger scheme of things. eg. If the book cheapened the plot with mental health, write "We need better representation of mental health in fiction"
  • You could also finish a review with something positive or simply state that while you didn’t enjoy the book, others might.


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