Motivational intensity

An individual's motivational intensity is how strongly they are compelled in approaching or avoiding certain things.

It is an important variable that affects the scope of attention because an individual can experience "pleasantness" and have low motivational states - they're not really determined to pursue anything; however, those who have "desire" have higher motivational states thus are more focused on completing a specific goal.



The Emotions That Make Us More Creative

  • Creative people have messy minds, and have learned to embrace the messiness of the creative process;
  • They are people who can easily adapt to their surroundings;
  • They have the ability to mix seemingly incompatible states of being such as having open attention with a focused drive or even intense rebelliousness but still has respect for tradition;
  • The way their lives are lived with differing passion and intensity, and the depth of human experience is what makes creative people, creative.



This is the degree to which people are open to experiencing the full range and depth of their feelings. It also forecasts creative imagination better than intellectual engagement or IQ.


Situations that increase emotional ambivalence:

  • Being placed in higher-status positions; and
  • Engaging in organizational recruitment and socialization

A person stuck in an unusual environment can show increased levels of creative thinking, and the fact of the matter is that creativity is the experience of unusual and unexpected events. So if you want to increase creativity, ask yourself if your current environment brings out emotional ambivalence and motivational intensity or not.


Emotional ambivalence is the event where we simultaneously experience positive and negative emotions.

Pure happiness and pure sadness rarely occur to us but we do, however, tend to experience mixed emotions.

Being able to simultaneously experience emotions that are often not experienced together may cause increased sensitivity, which is an important contributor to creativity.


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