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Boost Your Creativity With These 10 Psychological Tricks

Boost Your Creativity With These 10 Psychological Tricks


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1. Go for a walk

One 2014 study found that people tend to be more creative when they are walking rather than when they are sitting down.

  • Previous research has shown that regular physical activity can play an important role in boosting and protecting cognitive abilities, but this st...

2. Reward yourself

Research has found that rewarding things that are already intrinsically rewarding can backfire and actually reduce motivation, a phenomenon known as the overjustification effect.

  • So it might seem like offering some sort of reward for creative thinking might have th...

3. Create some psychological distance

People often suggest taking a break from a task when you've hit a creative block. Studies have found that placing some psychological distance between yourself and the problem might also do the trick.

  • Researchers found that when participants imagined that a problem ...

4. Surround yourself with inspiration

A positive psychologist suggests that surroundings also play a role in the creative process. Stimulating environments can facilitate creativity, so surrounding yourself with things that you find inspiring and motivating can help.

  • Create an office space that helps y...

5. Create restrictions

When you are trying to solve a problem, people often rely on the obvious, building on existing ideas in order to come up with the easiest solution.

  • This often leads to a good outcome, but it can also lead to mental sets and functional fixedness that makes it challe...

6. Daydream

In today's high-tech, connected, distraction is just a click away. Instead of filling every single idle moment with apps, games, email, website visits, try letting yourself actually be bored for a spell.

  • In one study, bored participants performed better on creativi...

7. Re-conceptualize the problem

One common trait that creative people tend to share is that they typically re-conceptualize problems more often than less creative people do. Instead of continuing to throw yourself at the same mental wall, try taking a step back.

  • Revisit the problem from the very ...

8. Get emotional

Researchers have long thought that positive emotions were strongly linked to creativity, but further research has found that both strong positive and negative emotional states were linked to creative thinking.

  • This doesn’t mean you should rush out and put yourself ...

9. Meditate

Research has also shown that certain types of meditation are linked to an increase in creative thinking. Meditation has long been used as a relaxation technique, but recent research has demonstrated that health benefits extend far beyond relaxation.

  • One study found...

10. Surround yourself with blue

Colour psychology suggests that different colours can have varying effects on moods, emotions, and behaviours. According to a study, the colour blue tends to make people think more creatively.


  • According to the researchers, the colour bl...

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