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The First 20 Hours

Light 💡's Key Ideas from The First 20 Hours
by Josh Kaufman

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Why 20 hours.

Today's book try to give you a plan that helps you learn and acquire a new skill fast, encourage you to start learning the skills you want, and avoid you from procrastinating by saying there's no time available.


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Three steps you should focus on.

  1. choose the skill you want to learn.
  2. stay commited to it for at least 20 hours of learning and practicing.
  3. stay with the 10 rules that I will cover.


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Important note

After the first 20 hours you won't break a world record and be a master at this skill, because reaching this level require thousands of hours practicing.

Don't get frustrated because you'll learn enough from this skill which will make it helpful for you even if you know the basics of it though.


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10 rules that will help you acquire the skill fast.

  1. Choose a skill you like or that arouse your curiosity.
  2. Focus on only 1 skill at a time, don't learn more than 1 skill at the same time.
  3. Decide the required level you want to reach before starting.
  4. Break up the skill into smaller skills.
  5. Prepare the required tools before starting.
  6. Get rid of things that makes you lose your focus and procrastinate.
  7. Set a specific time or schedule for learning.
  8. keep an eye for your progression and feedback yourself.
  9. Use a timer while practicing.


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Finally conclusion

1- Learning a new skill will get you to a better place, even if you don't see that the skill is helpful.

2- Remember there is no time wasted while learning, if you see that the skill didn't give you an advantage, it gave it to you in an indirect way.

3-Keep in mind that You must apply what you've learned, because the best way in learning is practicing in real world.


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