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The Purpose of Writing and Articulation

The Purpose of Writing and Articulation

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The Purpose of Writing and Articulation

Being pedantic in nature, I vividly remember those rare, unprecedented instances when this attribute empowered me to discern a meaningful pattern in plain sight, which others might glean over as being banal. All of this, fueled by keen observations, made chillingly close to the bones.


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You should voice your story.

To voice your thoughts or viewpoints through a story is to create your own thought-effigy, which holds you accountable for all your actions.

Articulating a story into well-put arguments helps you to clarify your thoughts sincerely, honestly and accurately.


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Because if you’re writing to figure out what you think, then you’re going to use what you think to guide your action and the consequence of that is going to decide how your life turns out to be.

This, in turn, allows you to be serious about what you write (or think) because you know what the pathway is.

It can hold you accountable for miscommunicating because if you do, you’ll warp the very structure that guides your action and you will eventually suffer for that.


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Let’s understand with an example

It is essential to my understanding of the kind of person that I believe myself to be, that I am punctual. I also have decided that I am the kind of person who does not miss deadlines.

And so it follows, that me seeing myself as a developer and a writer is also valuable, because if I am not writing, developing and learning, then I’m not “earning” that image.

You can see why being vegan quickly becomes part of people’s identity too. If it was just about choosing not to eat any animal products, the diet would be tough to adhere to. But because it is a lifestyle and there’s an ideology attached to it, vegans are willing to push through all that. They don’t see it as a choice but as the right thing to do.


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One of the things I’ve learned is that you can never get away with anything untrue, ever. The chicken always comes home to roost. You can never get away with a falsehood. And, you can never get away with weak thinking, any more than you can get away with improper action.

If you tell the truth, then you have reality on your side. And therefore, I’m very careful with what I say, and I’m very careful with I write.


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