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Cultivating a sense of intimacy and connection at work

Cultivating a sense of intimacy and connection at work


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Cultivating a sense of intimacy and connection at work

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People desire meaningful work

The mass exodus of nearly 48 million workers in 2021, known as the Great Resignation, is turning into regret as people realise that the pastures are not greener on the other side.

However, people aren’t willing to grovel before their ex-employers or continue to be unsatisfied. Most people are tired of transactional businesses. They want their work to be meaningful. That’s why it would be wise to cultivate a level of trust that connects your team members deeply and create stronger relationships. 


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We all carry emotional baggage but tend to be less compassionate when we are unaware of what others are carrying.

Cultivating intimacy at work means understanding and honouring each other’s tender spots. It requires vulnerability and openness.

Try a simple exercise with your team where everyone shares one emotional thing. You set the tone, so go first and share some challenging moments in your life. You may be surprised to see how many people want to open up.


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If a stranger approached you and asked why you work for your company, what would you say? Most employees would say that they had some early success or that it was their first job. However, these answers are either tied to what is unique about the person nor does it connect to the company’s mission.

Lead by example: Figure out your “why” and share it with your team. People want to work with others who feel they truly belong.


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Unearth a shared story

There is value in sharing your story that explains why you do what you do. Think back to the time you first felt unsafe, then consider what you did to feel safe again. That’s your superpower that you probably used to find your way to success. 

Giving people the freedom and safety to share their stories will create a positive domino effect. You’ll see your employees be more creative, innovative and confident. They’ll be more willing to take risks at work. This will cause them to realize their personal and professional growth.


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