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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck


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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

by Mark Manson

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  • Being open with one's insecurities paradoxically makes one more confident and charismatic around.
  • Hiding what is shameful is itself a form of shame.


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Maturity is what happens when one learns to only give a fuck about what’s truly fuckworthy.


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Just because something feels good doesn’t mean it is good. Just because something feels bad doesn’t mean it is bad. Emotions are merely signposts, suggestions that our neurobiology gives us, not commandments. Therefore, we shouldn’t always trust our own emotions. In fact, I believe we should make a habit of questioning them.


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  • I wanted the reward and not the struggle. I wanted the result and not the process. I was in love with not the fight but only the victory. And life doesn’t work that way.
  • Who you are is defined by what you’re willing to struggle for.


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  • The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paraparadoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience.
  • The more you desperately want to be sexy and desired, the uglier you come to see yourself, regardless of your actual physical appearance.
  • The avoidance of suffering is a form of suffering.
  • To try to avoid pain is to give too many fucks about pain.


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I love to play badminton, TT, Volley ball. I also like singing, dance, public speaking, social work. Speak about gender justice, environmentalist. Assistant Professor of law.