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Why buying vintage clothes is ‘the new luxury’

Why buying vintage clothes is ‘the new luxury’


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Why buying vintage clothes is ‘the new luxury’

Buying vintage is back again

While people always want to have new looks, they are becoming aware of the impact of their choices on the environment. Vintage is back and possibly for good. The popularity of vintage is a response to fast fashion.

A recent report from the second-hand clothes sales platform TredUp expects the total resale market to double in value by 2023 (from $24bn to $51bn).


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Global warming is a crisis that young people feel they have to consider. With so much waste created, there has to be an endpoint to fast fashion.

Young people are looking at beautiful and usable clothes that already exist. They are repairing and upcycling previous fashion items to address the problem in interesting ways that add elements of craft and regeneration. A generation that has everything to gain by embracing sustainable practices is rising, and they mean business.


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Upcycling existing designer pieces and giving them your own spin is a different way of making clothes. It is harder and you don't know how it will turn out, but it's far more interesting and completely minimise waste. It has its own life that you can put your stamp onto.

We don't need to be throwing things away. Where once mending meant necessity, now it represents skills. Knowing that you can create a new fashion is liberating. It's original and unique to each individual.


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