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Everything You Need to Know About Upcycling

Everything You Need to Know About Upcycling

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Upcycling as a solution to fast fashion

Upcycling as a solution to fast fashion

Recent decades are known for its fast fashion that adds to our overcrowded closets and landfills.

  • Americans discard 85 percent of the clothing they buy - about 15 million tons of textile waste a year.
  • The average lifetime of clothes is three years.
  • The clothing industry cause about 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

One eco-conscious solution is to buy thrifted items and upcycle them.


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Upcycling on the rise

Type "upcycled clothing" in a search bar, and you'll have thousands of examples, such as skirts made from recycled jeans or lace tablecloths and flannel shirts that become boho dresses.

YouTube videos give step-by-step hacks for any type of clothing. Costume designers are experts at turning unwanted items into desiring ones.


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Upcycling examples

  • Doilies can be used as appliqués or turned into lace cuffs.
  • Outdated men's coats and tweed blazers can be turned into vests and newsboy's caps or cut into flower shapes, which can be used to decorate a plain coat or sweater.
  • Men's cotton shirts can be cut up for various purposes. 100 percent cotton shirts can become quilt projects, or shirt collars or sleeves can be replaced with a different style.
  • Even limited sewing skills can go a long way. Replacing standard buttons can make a dull jacket special.


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Large clothing producers embracing upcycling

Large clothing producers embracing upcycling

Environmentally aware brands are finding ways to buy back, repair, recycle and rework the clothing. These companies are hoping to inspire other brands to refresh and replenish old garments.

Together with customers, clothing companies want to take up responsibility for the life of their garments.


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